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Immediate Results


January 2020 - August 2020

Canadian nootropic startup Indezone was looking to increase their website (Shopify) sales. After conducting market research and industry analysis, we determined the way to increase traffic to the website was to increase Indezone's brand and product market awareness. Our main goal as a team was to solidify a meaningful value proposition and consistent brand messaging. Through the creation of social media content, brand messaging, informative blogs, and a website re-design our team was able to increase website traffic by 70% and increase Shopify sales by 56%.

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Summer 2020

Amid the pandemic, MLSE and the The Toronto Argonauts, a CFL team, were looking ahead to strategize a way to fill their stadium in the 2021 season. After a consultation with the Argos and extensive market research, our team came up with a strategic pre-game solution. The suggested reoccurring pre-game event was designed to attract a younger millennial demographic and earn their loyalty as a fan base. This millennial fan base would not only fill the stadium in 2021, but ensure the longevity of the Arogs fan base for years to come.


January 2020 - May 2020

LifeSpeak, an HR digital wellness solution, came to our team with the challenge of increasing brand awareness in the US market. Navigating this challenge from Canada during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic presented limitations for the scope of our solution. But with a determination to achieve results for our client, we came up with a 100% virtual way LifeSpeak could increase their brand awareness. Through a series of live social media streams coined #LifeTalks, LifeSpeak was provided a way to leverage their existing network of healthcare professionals to provide advice on the emerging implications of life in quarantine. These free live streams provided a way to increase brand awareness to companies across north america, while providing valuable advice countless people struggling to adapt to life in quarantine.

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